Bush Music Club Inc.

Colonial Balls

The club has been running two full dress colonial balls a year, but unfortunately low numbers mean we will not be running a ball at Maitland this year.
Prices have been held astonishingly low for a catered ball -
and are even cheaper if you get in early!

The Heritage Ball 2019

The Bush Music Club Inc. will hold its 2019 Heritage Ball in Goulburn on 25th May 2019.

A grand occasion for your enjoyment with music by our renowned Heritage Ensemble. Dress in your favourite fashion from Colonial times and be ready to dance the night away. Ball tickets will again be limited. A light supper is provided, with refreshments available throughout the evening.

Details soon.

Wayne Richmond has some pictures from previous balls at humph.org/heritage/

As in previous years, the dance programme will include some old (and new) favourite dances and tune sets.

Dances will be called/walked (where required). No prior practice is necessary, but some dances may be included in the schedule for the weekly dance workshop at Pennant Hills

The Maitland Colonial Ball will not be held this year.

Heritage Ball 2005
View of previous ball
Photo: Mike Young