Bush Music Club Inc.

Concert Party

Concert Party at IFF
Concert party at Illawarra Folk Festival.
Photo: Mike Young

This is the Bush Music Club's learning / performing group.
The Concert Party aims to give budding musicians the experience of a working Bush Band.

All levels welcome!

Monday night, and as required
At the Workshop in Hut 44,
Addison Rd Community Centre
John Burch - 0411 195 088

The Concert Party performed at the Illawarra Folk Festival held at Bulli in 2014. Here is a picture:

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Photo: Sandra Nixon


Over the years a number of bands have formed out of the Concert Party's activities. During the late 50s and the 60s the Concert Party was the only regularly performing Bush Band in Sydney, descending from the (real) original Bushwhackers and the Shearers' Band.

In the 70s and 80s, the Concert Party gave birth to groups like:

. . . . and in recent times, Currawong and Barangaroo.

There are probably three times as many more bands that drew on Concert Party Alumni or formed around the fringes of its activities.

The Concert Party has also helped foster the public performance of Bush Dances as entertainment. Many of the quasi-professional Bush Dance groups ultimately trace their formation, or at least their formative members, back to Bush Music Club Inc. dance groups associated with the Concert Party.