Bush Music Club Inc.

Bush Instruments

Bob Bolton has been sketching, making and
playing bush instruments for many years.
Here is a selection from his archives.

tin whistle The tinwhistle could, in one form or other, be just about the earliest private instrument (of the common people) in the new colony.
This is a small instrument made in a Victorian era factory from two separate pieces of tin-plated iron with the edges rolled together.

bones The Bones were widely played and, in the good old days, rib bones from the tough old beasts butchered were heavy enough to use. Nowadays I make them from various (usually) hardwoods for more control and selection.

spoons The Spoons are another improvised instrument possibly more evident in the revival than back when your Mum would have belted you for denting her good spoons!

barcoo dog The Barcoo Dog is an improvised rattler - more used to move sheep in the home paddock than dancers but called in when all else fails. This is the shanghai style - they also come as a simple ring of fencing wire with any small metal rubbish as rattlers.

bodhran The Bodhran is self explanatory, ubiquitous and the English were sensible enough to attach the death penalty to possession of one in Ireland.

boomerang mouth organ The Boomerang Deluxe Mouthorgan was made in Saxony for Alberts Music Co. (by CA Seyel und Sohne - a family firm since 1847: they have survived Bismarck, the Kaiser, Hitler, Stalin and the fall of the Berlin Wall...). This one cost me 5/6 - a long time ago!