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Mulga Wire - Australian folk

Mulga Wire

The Club's present, quarterly magazine Mulga Wire deals with the social aspects of the present-day organisation, reviews and events. Singabout continues as a folklore section within the magazine.

Mulga Wire is sent free to members of the Bush Music Club and can be purchased for $2 (or $3 posted within Australia).

Please address articles to:
The Mulga Wire Editor
Bush Music Club Inc,
GPO Box 433
Sydney 2001

Unsolicited articles can be submitted at least four weeks before publication. You can mail articles to the above address or email articles to the editors as listed below. Please copy all editors.

The Editors of Mulga Wire are:
Mike Young mike55young@tpg.com.au
Colin Fong c.fong@unsw.edu.au

You may also elect to receive Mulga Wire electronically.


In January 1956 the Bush Music Club started publishing the collected songs and music in its own magazine Singabout, the journal of Australian Folksong.

Over the years the Bush Music Club has brought out various publications to help spread the music, dances and songs of our Australian heritage. In the early days of the revival, Singabout was the only regular journal for publication of songs and music recorded by the pioneer field collectors. Our recognition of the important seminal role of Singabout magazine led to the 1985 anthology Singabout - Selected Reprints. This presents 86 songs, 8 poems and one yarn, agonisingly selected as the best, from the host of beaut material published over the 12 years of Singabout.